Homeowners Association
Home Improvement Projects?
Architectural Review Committee Mission Statement The ARC’s mission is to be viewed as an aid to homeowners, not a hindrance to homeowners seeking to make improvements on their property; to diligently review applications for home improvement projects so as to ensure the stated goals of the committee are met; to assist homeowners by providing recommendations that will assist them with meeting their desired goal or modifying their plans when necessary to meet the stated requirements; to engage in timely communications with homeowners and work judiciously to provide an approval status as quickly as possible; and, to ensure that completed work meets the requirements upon which an application was approved. When do I need ARC Approval? What is the Process? Download Application Requirements and Instructions Obtain a Copy of your Septic Survey Document ONCOR Requirements for Extending Fencing Into the ONCOR Right of Way (ROW) Fill out an ARC application form and send it to the HOA Manager at Accent Real Estate at: hoamanager@accentres.com Download ARC Application